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Business Ethos

  • To be a more pro-active business travel agent
  • With better service and support
  • That offers simple, streamlined modern business travel management solutions
  • Through a greener, happier and heather attitude
  • And is still good value


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About Us

If The Travel Bureau had to be described in one word it would be Bespoke – An English word meaning created to a buyer’s exact specification. We create personalised and tailored travel solutions for business and leisure   Established in 1992 The Travel Bureau is a Sydney based, family owned provider of travel for business to a wide variety of clients from multi-nationals to SMEs. Although our clients all operate in different business sectors with different goals and strategies they do have one thing in common… When it comes to travel they want: Great service Competitive prices, and The security that we will be there for them in times of emergency Operating independently, The Travel Bureau also forms part  of a wider collective, TravelManagers who provide cost effective support.  In addition,  our corporate travel for business sector buying group, CT Partners offer the very best in corporate travel products at the best possible prices.  All this means that:  We have the support & unit costs of a large company with the mind set and connection of a small company  Our focus: Guaranteeing quality Exceptional personal tailored travel for business solutions, allowing us to be more than just a booking machine Superior service Streamlining client’s travel management processes, policy, procedures and introducing technology Saving time, money and effort for clients and the traveller Symbiotic with the environment Pro-actively seeking modern technology solutions Contact Us on 02 9267 0232  The Travel Bureau | MDHMCA pty ltd | ABN 15 154 548 286 | IATA...

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The Key to Better Corporate Travel

Consultants Whether you want to use our business grade online booking portal or deal direct with a consultant you will be designated an account consultant to give great continuity of service and to build a relationship. We are a bespoke company and we only employ the best.  Every consultant has worked a minimum of 10 years in travel, and 5 years as a corporate travel consultant, so we can guarantee our service with knowledgeable employees. We value our employees and acknowledge their commitment to The Travel Bureau by involving them in the development of business.  We promote and actively encourage personal development to reach goals, support health and sustainable living.  A good consulting team starts with contented individuals. We always have time for you Although we are based in Sydney, our standard hours cover the office periods of each state, Monday to Friday 8.45am to 8pm EST that means we will be there to make a booking wherever you are. Seamless service Our after-hours corporate travel support service is in-house which means that you will experience a seamless standard of service with a consultant that is familiar with your company and travellers. No music Your call will be answered within five rings whether you are making a booking in office hours or need help afterhours.  You will never hear hold music and wait to speak to someone. Everyone deserves to be a VIP We remember the finer points of corporate travel management and personal traveller details for a seamless, stress free arranging and travel. Analysis this We lead in consolidating your travel information and actively analyse the data to report and approach suppliers to access savings for your company. We must be doing something right Two of our major clients have been booking travel with us for 10 years, and our newest client, The Precinct can’t find better service anywhere else, and this means we must be doing it right.    Do you want better travel management, service & support? call 02 9267 0232...

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What is business travel?

Travel for business is a little bit more complicated that just finding the cheapest flights, hotels and making the booking.  There are more variables to consider than a leisure travel booking where generally the destination and dates are fixed.  When on business travel meetings may change, run over time or an emergency rises which must be attended to immediately.  The Travel Bureau specialize in business travel is has been doing it for 20 years.  We understand customer needs and respond in a professional timely fashion. These are our core and value adding services for International and Domestic travel; Core service Air travel Hotel reservations Car-rental Limousine transfers Coach, rail and ferry travel Account management & reporting – monthly & quarterly reviews 24/7 in-house support Value added services Airport assistance Complete employee leisure travel solutions Expense management Corporate travel insurance cover Passport and visa services Frequent flyer management, collection, use and access MICE services Environment impact data collection, review & strategies for travel   Want a better quality business travel service call 02 9267 0232  ...

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Technology for Business Travel

At the Travel Bureau we consider ourselves one of the leaders in the use of technology to organise and administer business travel.  Our products are the best and latest which means our systems are simple and flawless to use. If you are not sure about an integrated online solution, here are four reasons: Fast confirmation Less people in the chain for errors Less people reduced costs (average saving on fees of 25%) Instant access to documents Business grade booking portal Simple to use reservation booking system Access to ALL negotiated rates Book everything in one place in one go Customise with your company business travel requirements Traveller profiles – frequent flights, meals, seating and more Multiple payment options stored Individual travellers or central administration can make booking Travel administration Our travel administration software incorporates accounting and reporting.  Information can be emailed on-demand or a log in provided for access, either way you get effortless information retrieval. Travel inventory We use the world’s best GDS. It is linked directly with all the major airlines including Qantas which means if there is only one seat left we can book it.  In addition, we get  immediate access to the best available fares. Travel management PrintMyTrip provides travellers and administrative personnel with pdf itineraries and e-Tickets that can be printed or stored. CheckMyTrip is a tool giving access to itineraries and e-Tickets via a webpage which can then be downloaded and stored to a Tablet or Smartphone. Benefits: Very simple to use Access to all your business travel plans from the palm of your hand, downloaded and re-sync with wifi No more lost travel documents or ringing the office to check details Save the environment, no printed itineraries and tickets Check In from your device Text , email or Share (facebook or linkedin) your travel details Be prepared – check the weather, airport, city and subway maps, guides, and world clocks of your destinations. Add to calendar feature These systems fit our sustainability strategy, by reducing the use of consumables for both the travellers and in our offices.  For a simple, streamlined modern business travel management solution call 02 9267...

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Green Travel Agent

At the Travel Bureau we are become a green travel agent by reducing our impact on the environment and the people that live around the world.  Here are some of the key points of what we are doing in 2013. We care about the world, its people and the future The world is a delicate place and it has come to a critical point where we need to act to re-balance the environmental impact of business, and protect the most vulnerable places, which happen to be some of the world best tourist locations. Becoming symbiotic with the environment We don’t just see becoming a sustainable company as offsetting our emission.  We are actively trying to reduce our emission and impact on the planet both at work and home.  These are some of the thing we are doing: 100% Renewable power We currently offset 100% of our electricity to renewable energy.  Our electricity is supplied by Tasmania Hydro. Office garden We have created an office wall garden where we grow our own vegetables and herbs.  The garden provides employees with fresh food to have with lunch and take home to cook with.  This is both cost saving on the weekly shopping and reducing our carbon footprint Recycling We recycle all our paper, plastics and printing products.  We also have an office Bokashi bin indoor composting system to recycle our food waste, the liquid fertilizers is used to feed our wall garden. Reduction Currently our corporate travel procedure requires a lot of paper.  We aim to reduce our own and our clients’ travel paper usage by 90% by early 2013.  How? We are positioning ourselves as a technology travel industry leader by providing and implementing new and cutting edge travel management techniques that reduce consumables. Offset the rest We work with 15Trees to offset the rest off our office emissions.  The reason we work with 15Trees is that; the trees are indigenous; they support rural Australian communities; and their planting programs are educational and done by schools and community groups. Balancing power We empower people worldwide though Kiva and lend to alleviate poverty.  We provide small loans that allow people to create better lives for themselves and their families. Our first ‘hands on’ project assists with repairing a Votualevu Primary School that was damaged by fire to give the children a better education.   For a greener, happier and heather corporate travel agent call 02 9267...

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The Travel Bureau has a wide variety of corporate clients from multi-nationals to SMEs. Although they all operate in different business sectors with different goals, and strategies they do have one thing in common… when it comes to travel they want great service, competitive prices, and the security that if something goes wrong we will be there for them. That is why many of our clients have been with The Travel Bureau from the start 30 years ago. Here is what a few clients have said; Henry Motteram The Precinct It’s rare that you find a supplier that truly understands your need for efficiency and service, who takes as much ownership and pride in their services as you do for yours or who works flat out to ensure that you’ve got the best possible outcome in the fastest possible time. Michael Ditchburn and the team at Travel Bureau have managed the business travel arrangements of The Precinct Studios for the past 12 months and in that time they have searched, amended, booked, rebooked and probably amended again all of our domestic and international travel… always answering the phone first call, always happy to assist with any request – no matter how late in the day or night and always at the best possible price point. I can’t imagine receiving better service anywhere else in Australia. Rei Yamagishi X Media Lab Michael, we would like to thank you for all of your excellence in assisting our XML Global Media Ideas event, not only have you handled the flights very efficiently, you also provided us with various options for great flight deals. We found Michael very reliable and trustworthy even compared to websites such as Expedia! Travel Bureau’s 24-hours service team has also been helpful and flexible when Michael was not there to assist my urgent enquiries. So thank you once again for making this event a lot easier for us. I have recommended The Travel Bureau to my colleagues and friends and I would highly recommend everyone to check them out. The Travel Bureau has been an invaluable support to Runge Ltd & Minarco-Mineconsult  over the past 9 years.  Their assistance in co-ordinating travel arrangements for our consultants, both domestic and international, is always done in a timely, thorough and professional manner and no trip is too difficult for them to sort out.  Being a mining company, our consultants can often go into unchartered territory, so we need a travel agent who can deal with these complexities and advise us of visa requirements, etc.  They are able to change itineraries at short notice, sometimes more than once for a trip, and never get frustrated with us for changing things. I would highly recommend the Travel Bureau to any company who wants a quality travel agent to support their travel business needs. “Travel Bureau has consistently offered us great service, with attention to detail and speedy responses to all of our requests. As an agency requiring emergency assistance from time to time in addition to our usual travel requirements, we’ve found their staff to be generous with their time and focused on our needs.” Thank you Rey Polly has been my main contact at The Travel Bureau for the past four years and I can’t thank her enough for all she...

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