El Salvador

El Salvador is all about beautiful nature. Here you have the perfect opportunity to explore volcanoes, waterfalls, and banana plantations. You will come across charming small towns and experience the friendly Salvadorans. If you are an active person this is definitely the country to try surfing in. If you already know how to surf, you should take advantage of the many good surf spots around in El Salvador.

If surfing isn’t your thing there are plenty of other active stuff to do, like diving, hiking, canopying, rafting, horseback riding and a lot more. Hiking in El Salvador is mostly done while going to some of the many volcanoes. One of the most visited is Santa Ana volcano, which is the highest and most active volcano in El Salvador. What is unique about it is the fact that it has a beautiful turquoise lake inside of it. If you love hiking it is also worth the trip to go to The Seven Waterfalls just outside of the town Juayua. Here you will find a great hiking trail to explore the waterfalls and maybe having a dip in the chilly pools created by them.

Focusing on more cultural things, there are a lot of churches in El Salvador to see. Apart from that, El Salvador also has Maya ruins, not giant pyramids, but smaller settlements like San Andres, Tazumal and Joya de Cerén. Another cultural experience you can have in El Salvador is to visit some of the few indigenous people that are left who have retained their old traditions. The indigenous people live in the village of Panchimalco. The best time to visit them is on the 13th or 14th of September or 3rd of May, where they have festivals.

Follow the Floral Route for the most scenic drive in El Salvador. On the way, you will visit some of the colonial towns while driving through the beautiful mountains. You will experience the forests, volcanoes, and many coffee plantations. Coffee has been one of El Salvador’s most important exports for a long time. While visiting El Salvador it is most definitely worth a visit to one of the many coffee plantations, to see and learn about the process of making good coffee.

Highlights of El Salvador


Santa Ana volcano


Many colorful houses along the floral route


The Seven Waterfalls


Surfing in El Salvador


Market in San Salvador


Coatepeque Caldera



Dry season: November-April
Rain season: May-October

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