Green Travel Agent

At the Travel Bureau we are become a green travel agent by reducing our impact on the environment and the people that live around the world.  Here are some of the key points of what we are doing in 2013.

We care about the world, its people and the future

The world is a delicate place and it has come to a critical point where we need to act to re-balance the environmental impact of business, and protect the most vulnerable places, which happen to be some of the world best tourist locations.

Becoming symbiotic with the environment

We don’t just see becoming a sustainable company as offsetting our emission.  We are actively trying to reduce our emission and impact on the planet both at work and home.  These are some of the thing we are doing:

100% Renewable power

We currently offset 100% of our electricity to renewable energy.  Our electricity is supplied by Tasmania Hydro.

Office garden

We have created an office wall garden where we grow our own vegetables and herbs.  The garden provides employees with fresh food to have with lunch and take home to cook with.  This is both cost saving on the weekly shopping and reducing our carbon footprint


We recycle all our paper, plastics and printing products.  We also have an office Bokashi bin indoor composting system to recycle our food waste, the liquid fertilizers is used to feed our wall garden.


Currently our corporate travel procedure requires a lot of paper.  We aim to reduce our own and our clients’ travel paper usage by 90% by early 2013.  How? We are positioning ourselves as a technology travel industry leader by providing and implementing new and cutting edge travel management techniques that reduce consumables.

Offset the rest

We work with 15Trees to offset the rest off our office emissions.  The reason we work with 15Trees is that; the trees are indigenous; they support rural Australian communities; and their planting programs are educational and done by schools and community groups.

Balancing power

We empower people worldwide though Kiva and lend to alleviate poverty.  We provide small loans that allow people to create better lives for themselves and their families. Our first ‘hands on’ project assists with repairing a Votualevu Primary School that was damaged by fire to give the children a better education.


For a greener, happier and heather corporate travel agent
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