Technology for Business Travel

At the Travel Bureau we consider ourselves one of the leaders in the use of technology to organise and administer business travel.  Our products are the best and latest which means our systems are simple and flawless to use.

If you are not sure about an integrated online solution, here are four reasons:

  • Fast confirmation
  • Less people in the chain for errors
  • Less people reduced costs (average saving on fees of 25%)
  • Instant access to documents

Business grade booking portal

  • Simple to use reservation booking system
  • Access to ALL negotiated rates
  • Book everything in one place in one go
  • Customise with your company business travel requirements
  • Traveller profiles – frequent flights, meals, seating and more
  • Multiple payment options stored
  • Individual travellers or central administration can make booking

Travel administration

Our travel administration software incorporates accounting and reporting.  Information can be emailed on-demand or a log in provided for access, either way you get effortless information retrieval.

Travel inventory

We use the world’s best GDS. It is linked directly with all the major airlines including Qantas which means if there is only one seat left we can book it.  In addition, we get  immediate access to the best available fares.

Travel management

PrintMyTrip provides travellers and administrative personnel with pdf itineraries and e-Tickets that can be printed or stored.

CheckMyTrip is a tool giving access to itineraries and e-Tickets via a webpage which can then be downloaded and stored to a Tablet or Smartphone.


  • Very simple to use
  • Access to all your business travel plans from the palm of your hand, downloaded and re-sync with wifi
  • No more lost travel documents or ringing the office to check details
  • Save the environment, no printed itineraries and tickets
  • Check In from your device
  • Text , email or Share (facebook or linkedin) your travel details
  • Be prepared – check the weather, airport, city and subway maps, guides, and world clocks of your destinations.
  • Add to calendar feature

These systems fit our sustainability strategy, by reducing the use of consumables for both the travellers and in our offices. 

For a simple, streamlined modern business travel management solution
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